UPGRADE (the Movie) a brilliant soundtrack - Thoughts welcome

Upgrade the movie was a brilliant twist on the action sci fi genre that heavily references the styles of late 90s action films but gives some brilliant twists against genre.  Man and machine combine to make a very interesting potential universe building film, that could go heavily into sequel prequel or spin of TV land. 

I loved the movie and was lucky enough to catch it through its convoluted cinema and DVD  releases. Very much enjoyed it and although using familiar tropes and themes manages to make a mark of originality with amiable lead character and supporting actors. 

One of the under-looked points of the movie was the excellent atmosphere created by the incidental music that permeates the editing and story. Very glad to hear that the CD is available for you and definitely would be a great gift for a cinephile or collector of atmospheric music. 

Link here to buy and please enjoy! Again less that £8  so quite a bargain.  Click and buy below.


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