ENTEBBE - DVD PREMIERE and REVIEW (10th September 2018 release)

As a fan of history; with interest in the modern era, I believed the just released movie “Entebbe” would have been potentially interesting cinematic fodder (all be it home cinema)
You may have heard of “Raid on Entebbe”; a TV-Movie of its time with action leanings starring the iconic Charles Bronson, which if I recall garnered a limited cinematic release in Europe. 

This modern take is not a remake but centres on the same subject matter and stars the enigmatic Daniel Bruhl (Captain America Civil War) and the English actress Rosamund Pike (Die Another Day, Gone Girl)

In a landscape of action and superhero, this updated take on the horrendous hijacking of a flight that winds up in Uganda could have been so much more than it was. It sits nicely in the genre of late 90’s thriller action but will not impress fans of all on the screen action that this film could have resonated with.

This is of course a personal statement as I really enjoyed the film which does have a good script and a trusted proven director in Paul Greengrass. 

The action could have been a bit livelier, the build up to the infamous “7th Day” of the hostage situation could have been more thrilling, but the cast and the cinematography are better than average, and this makes a nice change from the current carbon copy and paste film making that we are facing in the movie markets home and domestic.

I would suggest a buy for under a tenner, and it shows the actors playing a different range and the director stepping out of his big budget Bourne Identity vibe.

Buy the movie here for under £10 and its just released ! 

Comments below are always welcome ! 

All the best 


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