LATEST TRAILERS FOR YOUR PERUSAL - JULY ones that might have slipped under the radar

A selection of the latest trailers, for your perusal. Four that may have slipped under your radar, but I think are worth a watch and make a pleasant distraction from the superhero season we have undertaken.

The first is a rather interesting film that stars a very underrated Michael Shannon as a somewhat cast to type angry Gov’ type with a rather interesting creature in his control.

The trailer shows somewhat an emotional connection between a hearing-impaired co-worker and the creature from the amazon itself.  All who know me, would understand I am a very big fan of the work of Guillermo Del Toro, and the beautiful cinematography displayed in the trailer promises another entertaining film.



If I recall “The Snowman” is not the big screen live action version of the BBC short animation shown annually, but the first big screen adaption of the Scandinavian detective stories penned by famous Norwegian author Jo Nesbo.

The book is the 6th or 7th in the series but the first one on big screen. If you can ignore the name of the film, and look at the lovely sweeping images, one thinks Michael Fassbender will feature in the character role more so if the flick does well.  Modern thriller with adult themes aplenty. 


Chis Pine looking intellectual in the 2018 release called “A Wrinkle in Time”, you might not know but this the second time the 1963 work has been made into moving image. A TV Movie in 2003 was made, but has since disappeared into the annals of history.

This new version which also stars Oprah Winfrey has a big budget and an interesting tone.
Looking forward to it; as the first adaption of Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne was a TV version starring Richard Chamberlain. There’s hope for this, then right?


Final one for today,

Am quite excited about the new movie “Alpha” which stars a relatively unknown cast in the story of a hunting expedition 20,000 years ago in Europe that goes awry. The film follows a young caveman struggling to get home whilst befriending and coming to rely on a Wolf as his lone companion. 

Trailer looks good and it is directed by Albert Brooks who has these venerable films under his belt. (Menace II Society (1993), Dead Presidents (1995), American Pimp (1999), From Hell (2001), as well perhaps more famously the interesting Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington. 

Enjoy and comments all welcomed. 

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