Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

I do like pipe smokers with a crossbow..
I like Tim Burton very much, always have. (Despite his historic desire to keep employing the Depp in everything he makes). In the most past at least; he continues to be original and have a unique spin that other Directors have tried to capture but do not. 
All the bad-ass protagonists
It is hard to come across as charming and dark in equal measures; two film styles that are somewhat antagonistic. In someone else hands we are left with a movie too flippant for older teens or adults, and too well “scary” for younger audiences.  It’s hard to find an exact example - but the work on Phillip Pullmans “The Golden Compass” is closest with box office and weak advertising not capturing the intended vibe. Another example might be Mac and Me……..only joking in the last sentence. I was just dared to get a Mac and Me reference in this.

With Eva Green headlining (although all stars given an equal measure really) the interesting and well-made Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, this reviewer believes the film manages very successfully to tick the scary box and the light hearted box, with the caveat younger viewers will be uncomfortable by some scenes that are scary (and demanding psychologically) through CGI and wonderful subtle stop motion. (Well done Burton)

I hate reviews with spoilers, but if you can imagine the film (as others have picked up on) is similar in theory to the X-men, a disparate group of children, who come together in school for their own protection from an unstoppable and damaged villain.  

Jules has let himself go.........
The lovely part here is the powers here on display are truly unique and a hark back to the time these children come from. Airing on Circus carnival style imagery with wartime fright, this typical Burton uniqueness and use of the excellent source material, is left behind in films that target the key young adult market. I would recommend it whole heatedly and out of the movies I have seen that have been intended to set up a sequel or 3, this film is written in such a way that if it were to stand alone, I would be content that all the themes and ideas have been nicely wrapped up. I left the cinema in a good mood, happy that once in a while we can get something a little more unique. 
Love and Peace Newman


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