THE JOKER DON'T LIKE SCANDINAVIA - Jared Leto's method acting - Batman in Film

Lets film the Justice League

So it seems that Jared Leto is not going ot reprise his roll as the Joker in the Justice league even though it would really make sense for him to appear with Lex Luther; comic book fans dream of both sides of the sh*t crazy coin cutting screen time together. 

The production in the trades has been reported to be going to Scandinavia to film as planned but as yet he hasn’t appeared in the vicinity or for that matter in any other bits of filming. 
Could it be that his antics on the set of being truly bat sh*it crazy method might have made his co-stars a bit uneasy. 
Image result for joker lex luthor
wouldn't that be nice
What do you think?

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Jared you can take off the make up

Personally I think it would have been nice to have him here, but then again we are real people and the film characters are just an illusion right (remember its only acting) 

Love and Peace 


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