SMOKING AND VAPING even Tom Hardy is at it.

The journey from cigarettes to vape is often a bit frowned upon by the hardcore smokers, who say 
“yeah but you don’t know what you are putting into your lounges. Better than Red or lights probably. 

Well maybe I don’t but I don’t smoke anymore have a lovely breathable day, and don’t snore as much as I used to. So all in all it’s a very nice position to be in, 

Must thank and abhor in equal measures those who have given me amazing flavour advice on what to breathe in through the vaporizer I have.

For every cheesecake or popcorn, or menthol tobacco flavour (boo to the ban) there is a chilly chocolate or watermelon that makes my ears tingle. (I know some like it. Sorry)

However, much love to the people that have helped me stop puffing away, and I had successfully managed to shave 2 minutes off my run time before I twisted my knee, but that was nothing to do with vaping my chums! 

In the meantime, these guys are top notch so give them a go, and see what delectable flavors you can find.

E-Cigarettes - Online Vape Shop, Ubervape.co.uk

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