Movies, movies, movies, superhero movies……

Too much too soon, not enough?
Well here is what seems to be worth talking about and my twist on it.

Mickey Mouse’s friends the Disney effect…...he just spied his disneyfications

Avengers 3 Captain America 3 was excellent, even if the fans everywhere were bound to love it, it was a good film from my side. Ticked all the boxes that DC seem to be ignoring with Batfleck and Supercavil will continue to do so with Justice League. Hope I’m wrong of course…

However they raked in over 1 billion dollars with Cap 3 at the flicks so “Black Panther” looks to be in target in 2018 to do great work and help us escape the fear of Trump…..(USA friends do know that trump is slang for fart in the UK right?). I hope that the recent casting of Michael B. Jordan on the film has nothing to do with screaming flame on.

Captain Marvel will be the superhero tent pole for Marvel/Disney and I would love to see a buddy team up with Scarlett Johansson; never happen of course.

She's getting ready to operate....

Baby Solo…Lucasfilm

Reshoots on the newest film that is now on SKY as well as reshoots on the next one “Rogue One”
Probably will be reshoots on the telling of Han’s early life starring Alden Ehrenreich as the dude who shot first, and I really hope someone cool as Lando Calrissian,

Chewbacca casting currently considered........

Animaniacs at Warner - One sentence------

Not as good as Nolan and Bale.

Maybe something is afoot there; maybe something should be; maybe there will be. 

Suicide Squad was mediocre, and the Flash has been done brilliantly on telly. Ermmm…Why o why you ask, reason is NO CONNECTIVITY, surely you should know WB that this is poor.

Wonder Woman looks good though from the trailer, but so did Bat vs Supes.

Braindump – Apologies!

Love and Peace


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