JAMES BOND MEETS MARVEL ? - Stan Lee gets his own 70 action show

14th September Update
Read it differently FOX Movie not TV show......even better? could be. 



In the ultimate case of “meta” Stan Lee is going to have a TV show based on his fictional life.  Thats correct a film about the adventures of Stan Lee. Well it worked for Ian Fleming a couple of times, with semi dramatized versions of his younger days. 

ice cube be confused....

It’s a 1970’s set action program from those at Fox. An as yet unknown unknown actor will play Stan Lee in the 70s as a Bond like character said to be inspired by the “Kingsman” film.

Well this is surreal but I like the idea and I wonder who will get the gig? 

Stan was going for the erm.....whatever look
It would be extremely mind boggling if the film is set in the fictional Marvel universe , be interesting to see what they do. 

Well they always get this one made....

Love and Peace  


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