FILMS AND TV MEET - The future business model - TIME WILL TELL

I am not sure I can think of too many examples, well maybe I can think of a few that didn’t work too well such as Highlander where Movies span into TV series. The recent semi-success of the Marvel connected Universe (You F’d Up DC) means producers are starting to toy with the model more. 

More to come…. you just watch.

NOT Mel Gibson or Danny Glover
Not Mark Wahlberg but he made it

Not Chris Rock or funny, not Jackie Chan but tough

I am not talking about the new versions we are inundated with. Lethal Weapon and the Shooter for examples (got to love Bobby Le Swagger) but versions where the movie world is continued by the same continuity and acting base as TV series running alongside or after.

Shortly in cosmic terms the “Dark Tower” movie will happen with a companion TV show hitting us at around the same time. This might be an interesting new model outside the superhero genre.

I would love (maybe…….) a Bond film to hit the cinema with a companion series on BBC 1 showing the machinations behind the scenes of some characters…. Could work right. Popular character then becomes a show for the next film ….

Nothing to do with it, but a relevant image

In this current Steven King adaptation, the home release of the film will coincide with the TV show. 

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