BATMAN - RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADER - Such a guilty pleasure reminds me of a strike

I would be lying like a cheap watch from the German fake market, if I wasn’t honest with you, and say I am really looking forward to the animated continuation of the Batman sage from the 60s with the voice of the original dynamic duo, highlighted by the wonderful Mayor Adam West

For me he is the voice of Batman when I was growing up, as well as the voice of Batman to my folks when they were growing up. (they had the original and I had repeats brought on by a TV union strike in the summer holidays)

This cartoon follows the same kitch flavour of the TV series, and long may they make these. Bale for real, and West for this….

Exampled here

Batman:   You fiends you will “roo” the day....
Penguin:  The only “roué” here is in the gravy.......

What’s not to love, have a gander at the trailer below chums

The flick goes out October 10th in three showings only, coupled with a documentary about the originals jump, into cult status.

Love and Peace


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