Lets see what everyone said about the finale of the mighty third series of "Hannibal",  the latest and some say best spin on the works of Thomas Harris and his selection of characters. 

I have often personally favoured Brian Cox's interpretation of the Eastern European cannibal, but Mads's turn has left me wanting the overturn of the announced cancellation for sure. 

Be sure that these may contain spoilers of course if you haven't seen it!

While Hannibal Lecter will no doubt be seen again in some form – the character is now too iconic to be ignored by Hollywood for too long – it’s possible this will be the last review I’ll be doing of this particular incarnation of the cannibalistic killer. Fingers crossed that’s not the case, and Bryan Fuller is able to continue this story down the line but if the thirteen episodes of Hannibal: Season 3 were the end, they were an excellent goodbye.

To an admirer of the early episodes but something of a skeptic about the concept’s longterm viability, “Hannibal” is, or was, a fascinating show, notable for its flaws as well as its ambitions – the latter having become increasingly rare in NBC’s programming arsenal. But the show, much like this ending, wasn’t entirely satisfying. If that mixed appraisal is hard for dedicated fans to swallow, they can always try washing it down with a nice Chianti. They should at least take some comfort in knowing the diagnosis, like everything associated with “Hannibal,” was prepared with the utmost care.

As Fuller noted to me, it is ridiculous and wonderful that NBC indulged him and his merry band for three seasons of stuff that — both for the gore and for the artistic aspirations — had absolutely no business being on a broadcast network. Maybe "Hannibal" could have survived another year or two if it started out on cable. But this feels like a satisfying amount, and there were ways in which being on NBC forced a structure on the show (the procedural investigations of the first two seasons) that Fuller didn't love, but that were better for its overall coherence.
But if they can get a movie of this wackadoodle take on things into theaters? Well, I'll be there on opening night to see how much weirder and more disgusting it gets once NBC's no longer involved.

So whats my thought,

I have watched all the source material and read the source books several times. I have enjoyed all takes on the beast from the east and even though we didn't touch on Clarice in the three series, we have probably the best investigation of the characters in Bryan Fullers interpretation I believe.

This program gave as Eddie Izzard and Richard Armitage as well; both in Phyco turn and capitivating. Let us not forget out English Hugh Dancy capturing the essence of Will Graham.

If you cant decide for yourself look here.

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