Writing for my daughter has proved to be the most cathartic of experiences. I never guessed the five year old mind could be inquisitive and dare I say clever and intuitive at discussing plot holes and character points.  

If you tell a five year old a fact, she/he/they will remember it without writing it down collating it or even repeating it. When writing you can’t lie to your kids for the point of view of plot, and I have learnt recently not to underestimate this universal fact.  

The characters and story you create for the young mind are as a real in the ten minutes before bedtime, as anything else that happened at school or during the summer holidays.

What started as a desire to tell a lovely story to my daughter for her bedtime, has mutated beautifully into a world of mythos and magic which has been created for her pleasure. I have managed to throw some good moral lessons into the stories I tell, and join these chapters that unfold via tenuous links that span space and time (this makes sense if you listen to them). 

What does this achieve you may ask, well to be honest im not sure yet, but I have not had more fun putting pen to paper (or rather finger to keyboard) than I have in the last ten years.  

When the book is done; I’m not sure 
When the books are done I’m not sure
When the book/s are done I’ll tell you, and I’ll ask you to buy it. 

For now the “Black Cat Chronicles” are in their first draft but in years to come, I can be nostaligic; by saying at least, even if the book is not well received, it was proof read/tested and worked its magic on my little one, and for that alone I’m happy. 

All the best


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