Well it seems that spin off s are en-vogue once more. With several TV series being green lit based on film releases as well as current plans for extended universes within TV shows already happening. 

Now the cynical amongst us think that the need for commercial return based on an existing fan-base drenched with merchandise, has lead to these current plans. Whatever the reason - this is the artistic place where we currently live;  should we blame or thank the Avengers. Time will tell I'm sure. 

The idea to “spin off” is an old one; highlighted with a screen grab from Wiki (note this is just half of the P section. This list is immense.


So this season, next season and the season after we will have 

A Harry Potter film(s) spin off
An Avengers (assemble)  TV series spin off

A Vampire Diaries spin off
A Once Upon a Time spin off
A Breaking Bad spin off

A Walking Dead Spin off
(Still think they should call it walking dead -  LA, and cast a rapper turned actor and that dude out of the dumb and dumber sequel)

As well as a Flash spin off next season (from Arrow) 

I was wondering surely we could make some Spin offs that might be original, here are some thoughts, please add your own. Some of these have more of a truth than an idea, comments as always are very welcome. These two went to a level of development, please add yours in the comments if poss! 

Spooks: Cold War
Spun From
Spooks (BBC) - (series was on as MI6 in the USA)
Originally this was pitched by a group of writers on twitter (can neither confirm or deny I was involved) several emails exchanged to interested production houses-as well as a real-world pitch meeting suggested. Was fun but nothing came from it, the beauty of the BBC thought tank, maybe one day in the future.
Set during the end (or was it?) of the cold war centering on a young Harry Pierce- new to spying. Covers adventures through the fall of the Berlin wall, and the eastern Europe changes that followed.

Spun From
The Ipcress file, and other works owned by Len Deighton Estate.
Always wanted to make a TV show about spies (see above!) and the idea went to third draft of writing. (one day I might put it on the website).
Got great feedback on the idea and the script, but a lesson is that copy write holders should always be on the same page (or indeed know you are doing it)
This would have been Harry Palmer – something like a re-imagining of the Callen TV series, artwork even got mocked up very badly at one point.

Let me know!

As always love and peace.


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