Wednesday, August 1


Well it seems that the third in the series of rejuvenated Bond time line films, will be the most traditional so far but also continuing its interesting perspective on Bond's character development.  Love the idea of the trailer carrying action and gravitas in spades.  We have a Q as well as a “resurrected” Bond, (nice ref to You only twice perhaps....) 

Certainly an interesting villain, with a flick of Walken and Zorin too boot. (fans will get the drift) and a bevy of Bond girls this time. 

I like the new continuity, having been blessed with premières of both Casino and Quantum, and hoping to hit London on the third one; perhaps I am a tad biased but from this longest and most interesting trailer this films seems to hit the mark in a way that the latest Jack Reacher trailer didn't for example. 

The question remains is the call of Nolan with Bale too hard to resist for the Broccoli/ Wilsons?

Craig certainly works his ass of and is a hard act to follow, and I for one hope the franchise continues in this funky fashion. Love Craig, always did (well maybe not for the first three months-but i'm old fashioned and make mistakes) 

As always love and peace and comment as you can! 

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