If you are a science fiction of comic book fan, with the arrival of a certain show in the states, the internet will be inundated with news and views regarding the films that will be hitting the flicks in the next few years. So you really do have your pick of news sources and outlets to read thoughts on castings, ideas, and blockbusters.

Thought I would stick to the information that interests me the most, and hope you all enjoy! 

The big announcements were rumoured previously but Marvel officially stated their upcoming slate, by adding some extra info on sequels and new characters to screen.
We can expect (in a slightly unsure order)
  • Ant Man
  • Captain America : The Winter Soldier  (A MOODY TITLE HA?)
  • Thor : The Dark World  (MOODY TITLE 2 ?)
  • Guardians of the Universe. (LIKE THE AVENGERS YET MUCH MORE SURREAL)

Bizarrely I'm looking forward to Antman the most. If it hits the right tone, we could be in for a treat, with one of the surrealist Superhero's coming to screen. 

Wolverine 2 
This could be interesting with Jessica Biel being added as the character “Viper” - my memory and exuberant recollections tell me she is a once comrade,  or training partner of wolverine, who eventually turns bad (don’t quote me) - - The pic below is one of her newer incarnations, and might stand as the inspiration for Biel etc.

The Fantastic Four are being rebooted as we speak with newish director Josh Tank coming on board after his sleeper(ish) hit “Chronicle” has gained him international recognition. For those unsure this reboot will demonstrate this team to their best;  have a look here at his work on the aforementioned superhero twist he put together. 

And some other bits ?

Well I was shocked and kind of happy that Godzilla is being hatched as it were once more. (Without a Broderick in sight one hopes). A teaser poster has popped up, that gives nothing away, but leaves me with hopes the film will be big brash silly and wonderful (dare I hope for a Godzooki appearance?) 

Spiderman will not feature in Avengers 2
Ben Kingsley will play the Mandarin
Antman has Edgar Wright directing (yay) and test fottage wowed (hmmmmm who wil be the hero. Bet a certain Spaced dude hope Hollywood calls – Nathan Fillion however one wishes.)

Ciao for now and speak soon


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