Here at Newmanfilms we like art inspired by film nearly as much as we like actual movies. So when someone combines the two it is definitely worth giving them a bit of a promotion/shout out to show them to the world.

Loren Kantor combines a love of films and carving to create some wonderful artwork that would fit well and be appreciated both sides of the Atlantic. I would encourage support,  for this individual who uses the world of movies as an inspiration for his art.

I asked Loren to give us and our readers a history,  and as you can see from the writing below, Loren has been schooled in some of the classics and film makers through the history of cinema. 

“I grew up in Los Angeles.  

For my 10th birthday, my father took me to a local silent film theatre to see some Charlie Chaplin shorts. They were hilarious and I was hooked. During high school I discovered Buster Keaton and later Harold Lloyd. In college, I took a genre film class and immersed myself in “Film Noir”, gangster films and old westerns. I became obsessed with the films of Billy Wilder, John Huston & Michael Curtiz. 

During the same period I went to a German Expressionist art show at LA County Museum.  I encountered the work of George Grosz, Kathe Kollwitz and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. I loved the stark lines and bold imagery. I was writing screenplays in those days and I never envisioned attempting woodcuts myself” 

Loren shows that it isn’t just the end result of the film medium he appreciates but has managed to work in the industry as well. 

"I became an Assistant Director and worked on films, commercials and tv shows through the 80's & 90's. In the early 90's, I moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco where I became a freelance writer and video-maker. I lived near the Mission District which housed small art galleries on every block. I came across a new generation of woodcut & lino cut artists, most of whom were Latino. Again, I was enthralled.

I moved back to LA, met my future-wife and got married. Several years ago, my wife surprised me with a woodcutting set for my birthday. I checked out a few online tutorial videos and dove in, head first. The carving process was difficult at first. I cut myself often, the blocks were ragtag and I felt like a kindergärtner with his first set of finger paints. But before long I got the hang of it.

The idea to carve images from Classic Movies came about because we needed art for our walls at home. I realized the stark imagery of black & white films was a perfect match for the carved lines of a woodcut.  I began with my favourite silent comedy stars (Chaplin, Lloyd, Keaton) and moved to film noir (Bogart, Bacall, Edward G. Robinson).

I'm currently planning a series of femme fatales (Barbara Stanwyck, Veronica Lake, Gene Tierney) as well as western heroes (John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart). I love the synthesis of carving the blocks and writing about the personalities involved.  The process feeds both halves of my creative life."

Well we at Newmanfilms think that the work is great and suggest you check out the Blog here which shows it off and allows you to make a purchase or two. Hopefully we will stay in touch with Loren and we will see works getting more and more in demand, and great successes ahead.  




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