Friday Thoguhts - Mumblings and Indian 24 - Billy Crystal and Westerns

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Long time no print as it were, well there you go, life catches up with you sometimes, and you have to do the important stuff (or you forget what the important stuff is!) 

Always happy for the comments by the way, and good to hear from the Usual Suspects as it were.

Happy with Bond, as a long term reader you will know that I am a fan of the series and “Skyfall” seems to fit in with both old and new, and a stella cast as well- always good Finney as a foil to Dench etc.  One can’t help but think it’s Craig’s last outing, although he will be welcomed for more.

Also Bret Ratner out of the Oscars! Well one can’t help think this might be a good thing, if only it means the return of the mighty Billy Crystal. (Although one wonders what Eddie Murphy would have done with the audience levels……spice girls jokes aside..)

I love Westerns mightily and am watching the cast form in Tarentino’s Django Unchained. A whose who of B listers seems to be in line with Expendables casting -  - the only criteria required is a gritty face and some ok acting chops. Just how I like my films.

Finally I’m quite chuffed that Anil Kapoor has acquired the rights to produce and star in an Indian version of  “24”. He will play the Jack Bauer character and I hope I wasn’t the only one to be impressed by his acting chops in recent croos over productions like Slumdog Millionaire and the US version of 24. (Also look out for his turn in soon released Mission Impossible 4.)

As always comment away and love you all.


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