It is with apprehension and undercurrents of surprise that I realise the BBC are seemingly serious on their desire to make a big screen “Dr Who” for the masses.  An actor recently gave the following confused look...

The factors are obvious; a steadily growing fan base that will make the name/franchise synonymous both sides of the Atlantic as well as a desire to monetise their catalogue (whilst avoiding breaking the BBC charter of course)

I really hope the film is made with style and holds on to the  series sensibility that we have come to love over he last few years since the reboot has received acclaim.

The announcement that the films will be considered a separate continuity to the TV series is not an unexpected one; and it may  even cross over (industry rumours suggest). Smallville proves several incarnations of the same character can work, (although debate rages within the core fan base). However its probably undecided as yet. 

It does however come down in this humble writers opinion to one thing, which may be encapsulated in the (all be it imagined) conversation that recently took place.

Small Office Space in Las Angeles - Smartly dressed English gentleman, American with open collar, both drinking bottled water.

Hollywood Chad -
Now Potter has finished we need another big one, British style hero, magical adventures or…science fiction……
What you got Bob, we’ve got to come up with something to announce.

BBC Hugo
Yes, something handled a bit better than that Percy Jackson Malarky……Well we could do the whole Doctor Who thing…….

Hollywood Chad
Well Showtime blew that one with that Torchwood right……what’s the difference, the hook, we're chasing dollars here.……?

BBC Hugo
Well its more like the Bond Franchise…..You see?

Hollywood Chad
Enlighten me Hugo…

BBC Hugo
Well, you see the mythos of the show means that the audience expect some regenerations- the hero to change. The main character can die and change into a new actor, and its plot driven. Built in promotion on the internet and all that.

Hollywood Chad
Like Bond, but actually explainable within the story?

BBC Hugo
Exactly, which proves handy in real life………with the actors I mean.

Hollywood Chad
Hmmmm, I think I get you…We cast an actor who meets the current market trend for hero’s and bankability….And then......

BBC Exec
Your getting it Chad……

Hollywood Chad
If the star gets to big too greedy or old or annoying we recast him, and we don’t reveal who the new actor is until the new film……..WOW…......The series could run for years!
The audience even expect the new actor, get involved in the casting chat! 
Do you realize the marketing potential if we do this right!

BBC Hugo
On the nose ……you got it………

Hollywood Chad
Just don’t get the dude who did Edge of Darkness involved, or Prime Suspect, or Fitz.

BBC Hugo
It’s ok Chad we actually care about this one!



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