DR WHo Fan Audio - Excellent

Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth DoctorIt is with great pleasure I got to listen to a fan made Dr Who adventure starring website favourite Moled Mc as the ninth doctor. Moley’s impression/interpretation of the ninth doctor is spot on of course, and the scene is set in the preview for the full adventure; which will be released over the coming weeks.

I have been sworn on pain of the Osterhargen Key to not reveal anymore, but it really will be a great production when released. 

In an interesting twist for an audio drama, the ninth doctor meets the classic who companion “Ace”, and explains why he is the last of the Timelords. To say any more would be a "spoiler" but what i have read is written well and both old and new who fans will be proud.

I found the short exert to be very clever and a great taster for what is set to come.  The mood of angry pre-rose 9th doc is nicely captured and a reminder of how new Who has developed over the last few years.

If anyone doubts the skills involved, here’s moley doing his best Eccleston, performing Romeo and Juliet to boot!.

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