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I have long been a fan of doctor who on this site and in real life. The new series is about to start (or its second half is?) this Saturday, I will endeavour to add my two penneth into the mix and see what you all think.

SPOILERS and Speculation
Please read on with care for Spoilers etc.

At the start of the series the doctor got shot by the astronaut on the beach and then again when his regeneration cycle began. Well the question is who shot him? Everyone’s debating, but no-one asks why? Which for the moff is more important than who.

It is my belief that the doctor we see die is one of two gangers (or maybe more) that were created. The doctor we have been following all series is a “clone” of flesh, and the astronaut who kills him is the doctor himself (the real one). 

One ganger got killed at the end of the ganger two parter, the other escaped in the Tardis and has been travelling around (thus knowing he is on borrowed time) 

The doctor has to kill the ganger as for some as yet unexplained reason it would be bad to have timelords running around willy nilly – marrying people etc. (cue river song)

Fold in the make shift tardis at the end of last series, and we have a way for the real doctor to get out of the trap and reappear on a beach to finish what he started earlier (or later as it were)

As yet unanswered –
Who does River Song go to prison for murdering? 
I think she takes the flack for the doctor’s killing of the doctor as explained above.

Just some thoughts, but I love to put down on paper.


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  1. thanks for the visits - would be nice if we guessed plot right




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