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We at newmanfilms would like to thank Emily for contributing her thoughts regarding the Film Catfish this week. this recently premiered and is testament not just to the false representations of the interest, but the sadness that lead people to pursue a false identity online.

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I came across a film the other day that really intrigued me, simply from its name.
The film is 'Catfish' and goes by the premise that it is a documentary film that has an unexpected ending and something that the film makers did not know was going to happen. From this, there is obviously suspicions that the whole thing was constructed, but it makes for interesting viewing anyway.

The story follows three friends who film their remarkable story over a period of a few months.

Nev, has been contacted on Facebook, (a recuring new age social network theme) by a girl who seems to be besotted with him. She writes to him, sends pictures and paints portraits of herself and him and we see these meticulously pile up on the sideboard in the guy's studio. We all know the dangers of the internet but the film really shows a different side to the moral aspects of this.

To me, although somewhat staged, the film makers successfully show a multitude of different emotions that takes the viewer along with them all through their extraordinary journey. It is really hard for someone that has watched it not to give away too many spoilers. Because really, although you see that something is coming, nothing can prepare you for the final hour of their story where the boys actually travel to the house of Nev's admirer.The film's dynamic completely changes here along with the feelings and thoughts you had felt in the first part.
The film has generally got very good reviews from critics, despite the initial controversy that surrounds the film's subjects. I wouldn't say it is a film to sit down on the settee to after a romantic meal but if you are in the mood to watch something that will make you think, this is for you.

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