CASTLE V's CASTLE ? (marvel to appear on Castle TV Show)

Nathan Fillion at the 2005 Serenity "flan...
"Castle" which stars the Sci Fi fan hero Nathan Fillion is a good show. It borders admittedly between hit and average, but most of the time is engaging and tries to capture somewhat of a Moonlighting feel between the two leads.

Now how do you keep these things alive? The American audience like procedurals. It was announced that this year’s series of “castle”, will feature a Marvel Character making an appearance.

One hopes that Disney and Marvel’s new relationship may filter through to various TV series in the long run, but this could be an interesting approach if they go ahead.

Sensibly without getting too excited we can hope that it isn’t the first option, but it probably is one of the following;
1) Someone dresses as a superhero in a plot point
2) Genuine character appearance to test water.
3) Actual real Marvel "character" appearance to set up a spin for a TV series?

I would imagine we can narrow the field by assuming that it is inst a real worlkd superherop as it were, but a vigilante type. I for one say Punisher as really he is a reality based superhero, and current internet chatter suggests it to.

Thoughts as always!

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