STEPHEN LORD an interview

Here at Newmanfilms we were very lucky to get the chance to talk to the actor Stephen Lord. You may recognise him from various TV projects in the UK, and the Van Damme film “The Shepherd”.

His latest project has just hit DVD and Stephen was able to give us a few moments to talk about Desperate measures (more info here) and future plans. Stephen comes across as very down to Earth and a real talent shown in his latest flick in particular.

The role you play in Desperate Measures must have been emotionally taxing. How did you prepare for the role?

I think when taking any on role you have to do enough homework and thankfully I felt prepared enough to take on the role of Ross.

I had a real connection with the writing and in particular with Ross's dialogue. I think the writer Chris Green and me both being from Salford and knowing each others background was of huge benefit.
For me having a strong insight into Addiction and Alcoholism was a huge plus which helped me immensely take on the role and deliver.

I've had a lot of roles that like to take me through the wringer but this was probably the most taxing physically and mentally and the environment we worked in was another strong factor.
The support on and off set from the director Steve Looker and the writer and producer Chris Green was also at hand any time if and when needed.

How did you find the experience different, to perhaps a more international set such as with JCVD on “The Shepard”

Very different. The obvious being that when you are working on a project with a much bigger budget you generally have a lot more luxury in all areas including Accommodation, Food and Travel.
In terms of doing the work though more time for set ups and doing more takes I would say is the major difference.

Do you think the BBC’s relocation to Salford is going to play a big part for youngsters in the creative arts?

Well I hope so. It would be great if more work is generated for all concerned. There's a lot of talented and hard working people in the North West.

What’s next for you ?

My next film out is "Default" which is about the kidnapping of 5 CNN journalists by Somalia Pirates. I play one of the journalists and its directed by Columbian film-maker Simon Brand.

Its a strong story with a great cast and its got some nice folk behind the project.

In August I’m going to do a bit of a comedy turn for TV playing a Christian nut and then onto hopefully the next right job.

We await his next project with bated breath and wish him every success.

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