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I have put my serious hat on regarding the comments current Government officials have put out there through interviews, and websites etc, regarding the recent behaviour; allegedly demonstrated provable, by the #NOTW.

In true #NOTW style I will paraphrase and say that Mr Clegg has basically said we should take this opportunity to clean up journalism and re-address the Medias relationship with public officials. Readers should remember this is the same political machine commentating, which courted media in recent years. (Subtext to those in the know could even be said to say “leaks are alright as long as they are sanctioned!”)

His broad remarks are interesting; as to be honest they are a knee jerk reaction to political ramifications rather than a controlled and supportive statement. He is not making sure that respected members of the press are looked after and treated professionally. I would have liked support not blanket responses rushed out by PR proofers.

In my career I have had many jobs, but my recognition as a genuine journalist (with press card and everything) was a career achievement for me, and one that I am proud of. I achieved this along with many others through hard work and intelligent writing, not through subversive means. I accept though the dichotomy of the world we live in that main stream publications can require shocking stories to sell, and in the #NOTW we have this in spades.

There majority of writers and creative types have tried to hone their craft, and without their intelligent questioning of the world around us, society would be less changed for the better. I am abhorred by hacking scandals, regardless if its celebrity or public that have suffered (as a father I feel the current allegations are tear inducing if true)

I would never have undertaken illegal (or frankly immoral) work to get a story. Yes I’m sarcastic and opinionated, but that is my choice, would I break someone’s privacy...no. The majority of people in my boat/profession/work would not misbehave, and government enquiries and deliberations need to recognise this.


  1. amen to everything you said!

  2. very kind of you to say thank you, i really believe the situation has to be considered thoroughly from all sides.

  3. amen to everything you said!




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