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We are big fans of her majesty’s loyal terrier so we thought we would pip in on our Bond thoughts and what we would like to see happen – At least the news of the world won’t turn this or any other humble bloggers ramblings into published fact anymore.

Regardless Naomi Harris cast as Moneypenny – well I like that she’s young enough to do ten or more films (as it were).

Rumoured Ralph Fiennes cast as (delete as appropriate) blofeld, big baddy, rogue agent, someone else – this could work quite well. He can act that boy and would be good to see him have a punch up with Craig to be honest.

Newmanfilms plot for Bond 23

(Only a suggestion so comments welcome and Mendez ple1ase use this – but quote us somewhere and give us two tickets to premiere!)

Scene opens and the last of Quantum is being hunted down by MI6 – One of the top boy’s in evil organisation turns put to be Ralph Fiennes – ex SAS, but also high up in her majesties services. (Nice as he would play this like a vicious Roger Moore bond in someway)

Fiennes escapes and kills M SHOCK HORROR and her as yet unnamed secretary ETC

Judi Dench’s Death leads Bond to go on a revenge mission for his mentor (previously used in License to kill, and Die another Day etc – undertones of Goldeneye) however he is stopped by the government, who say that Quantum is shattered and they are now in charge again. The old M wouldn’t have sanctioned this

New M is a good guy but has a stand to make and thinks about the bigger picture. Skilfully played by Hugh Laurie (that right people – just watch first two series of spooks) – The new M warns Bond and nice seen ensues where Bond works his boss and the baddies.
Moneypenny directs Bond to Q branch, where Bond moans about his arm scar when the tracking chip was removed (keeping continuity) and here we meet Q.

Q is played wonderfully by Hugh Grant (watch his serious turns in early BBC TV and tell me he can’t pull it off) – Now we know this is random but we like it, and it would really suit the American market for films as well. He’s turned fifty, let his hair go greyish and act less like a buffoon and it’s the right choice.

Rest of the plot is pointless, but at the end of the film,

As the credits role, we see



  1. have just re cast TOWERING INFERNO in my head so will have to think about this one

  2. now thats an article you need to write to be put here!

    towering inferno- budget for actors would be about 300 million these days

    i would like to see the dirty dozen remade to be honest - - all good

  3. Like the M death theory, like I said. It was interesting. Maybe a good way to relieve Judi Dench from her duties :)

  4. i think it would work well, plus laurie as m would be perfect. grant as Q - lovely. thanks for comment

  5. Like the M death theory, like I said. It was interesting. Maybe a good way to relieve Judi Dench from her duties :)




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