Thursday thoughts - News and New flicks

Harrison Ford at the Pacific Design Center in ...Image via WikipediaWell I am quite excited to see that the man from Uncle looks set to be released in the next year or so. There has to be a host of actors that could do it, but I do wonder who could replace the suavity of suave personified in “David McAllum and Robert Vaughan”. Younger readers may know them respectively as Ducky from FX’s NCIS and Albert from the BBC’s Hustle.

Fringe producer Brad Caleb Kane has agreed to be part of the rebooted “Daredevil” franchise and this it is alleged in teh trades will be based on teh Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli storyline called “Born Again”. The film features a fall from grace and a rebirth into herodum, but one wonders if the hero has the cinematic wooden spoon. The storyline heavily features New York’s other hero Spiderman – but as the franchises are different studios one hopes that something can be arranged to bring the heroes on screen together (I really doubt it.....)

Shia “we all hate Frankie munz” Leboef has said Harrison Ford is in the gym in prep for an annoucemnt about another Indian Jones instalment. However one cannot help but think the gym time, is more to keep him fit for his wife Ally McBeal (sorry fans.....). Let’s hope no CGI or Aliens.

What do we reckon?

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