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Due to the business of life, and the chance to visit absent friends, we have decided to outsource in return for some promotion and big kudos.

It has been a big long month or two since the last post (as Google page rank will testify to) so I am going to push the site (moving five years later than planned to a dot.com) and build up the followers.

I would try and get a .net or .com to everyone if they can.

Thanks to twitter friends for support and big love.

We can now offer some seriously nice plans (unpaid for now) for writers and ideas people who want to get their name know a bit more.

So ideas to start (but contact with your own)
Please submit reviews on

• X Men First Class
• Senna

As well as articles on

• “Films that went wrong”
• Best Fan made film.
• Actors in straight roles

For pointers thoughts and ideas, get in touch and we’ll ehlp as we can. Love you all and welcome at the start of this exciting time!

Love and Peace

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