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I very much enjoyed the 1988 film Midnight Run with De Niro and Charles Grodin playing bounty hunter and escaped prisoner respectively. It was one of the seminal (for me and others I feel) films of the 1980’s and paved the way for buddy films to follow. The acting was very good, and the casting of every single character was perfect. It really was.
The cliché’s in this film, well frankly aren’t clichés as this movie invented them.

I have long been a fan and enjoy the clip below. Thanks to ITV3(or was it ITV4) for reminding me how great this film is. I almost forgot to mention Yaphet Koto, who plays a emarkable straight guy through the film, whilst he gets more and more agitated at the heroes behaviour.

On a side note tension is slowly rising of the new version of Sherlock Holmes. The twist this time, well the directors/producers of our lovely “Dr Who” have decided to have a go at reinventing the genre piece. It is made with the same ideas but in a modern day setting. Could it work? I really hope so as I am a fan of both of the main actors; Benedict Cumberbatch as the title character, and Martin Freeman from the office as Dr Watson. The setting moves Holmes to modern day London, and has Watson as a returning officer/medical staff from the Gulf War.

You can already see the stylistic choices and influences in the promo shot below. Moriaty well my theory is Jason Issacs, particularly as he was meeting with the producers many moons ago, and I would say he is a better fit here than in Dr Who as rumoured. I think Cumberbatch has a more traditional feel (but obviously not the budget) of Downey Jnr’s version.

I reported a couple of weeks ago that “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” was a tlast getting of the ground with perfect Gary Oldman in the role of Smiley. Well it seems that officially Ralph Fiennes, Colin Firth, and Michael Fassbender have all signed on, making the film and rightly so both a potential Blockbuster and mostly British affair. (Surely Brian Cox will be in it somewhere!)

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