Well the new Spiderman is here and he’s British so they say (born in USA one believes), so one up for the UK. Who knows we may have a superhero and a Wimbledon winner in the space of a few days. What does one think? Well I’m pleased by the casting of a mid-twenties gent in Andrew Garfield as new webs linger on the block. Just like out tennis stars he wasn’t born in England! (GO MurrayGO) Surely means the execs can continue to argue as to reboot or continuation for the franchise, now Raimi has left for other such things, and audiences might not except a reboot.

Here in UK, the Sun is so hot I have adopted shorts, allowing the pasty legs to get some airing, should I inflict these on the general public, one thinks yes as the heat surpasses the need to cover the lower extremities.

Onward from the point of view of film,

My personal favourite is the news that lovely chameleon like Meryl Streep will be playing Margaret Thatcher in a story set around the crisis in the 80’s, which centres around the Falklands war. Very interesting as she is one of the few actresses that could carry it off.
The event hit the public on this side of the atlantic, due to the distance between the UK and principality that was argued over. Also at the time the daring Prince Andrew who served in the forces was doing his rounds in the forces.

For the international audiences I thought I would stick to UK talent, so for those who haven’t seen it I thought I would bring attention to the delightful TV movie called “Lennon Naked”. It starred Chris Eccleston and aired on BBC4 channel the other day. Nice acting in an interesting biography. Thanks to the guys at Blogterwho for uploading for the net.

Very entertaining, the actor showing once more, that he does a fine job, showing he’s more than Dr Who, and certainly more than a villain in “Gone in 60 Seconds”.

Cheers for now enjoy the bits and see you soon,

Love and Peace


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