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What an exciting week it has been, enjoying Twitter, a millennia (in internet terms) later than I should have I have managed to chat very briefly with some C List people, who by my terms are fantastic of course. I was also impressed that I was one of the fist 1% of people (again in internet terms not a small number) to be tweeted the official response to Norton no longer being hulk. Or I should say #Hulk!

Here is picture of it!
Amways regardless of this I am sure that the world will continue to spin and Ruffalo, Phoenix or dare we hope Tennant! will fill the shoes admirably.

Who knows.

On a strictly Tennant related side line, please feel free to note that the lovely Steven Moffatt current Master of Ceremonies on Doctor Who, and the much plugged (on my part) new version of Sherlock Holmes, is online now and can be clicked HERE.

What sort of Blog would I be, if I didn’t recognise the recent efforts of Mad Max “Mel Gibson” who seems to be running headlong into insanity with the speed of light. I would imagine that Timothy Dalton would be either amused or shocked depending on his standpoint (a prize for who emails me with the link quickest)

Love and peace


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