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Happy Fathers Day one and all!

Hoping the day seems fine and dandy for you, a nice rainy Sunday in UK, with all of the vibe that comes with it.

Sunday is a reflective day, so firstly great two parter yesterday, or I should say the start of the two parter called “The Pandorica Opens” ; Dr who and all that! Matt Smith continues to impress and the Moffett throws a curve ball or two explaining the return of a dead character, nicely done. Just who is River Song, will we ever find out?

More news on the ether says the next die hard, called be called Die Hard 24/7 and have the protagonist of Jack Bauer within the film! Rumour or not I could see it working but lets face it if the two fought Bauer would kick McClane’s backside. (I’m sure discussion will arise!)It’s the not first time different film hero’s have crossed, but this would be in a way of launching tent pole film(s) for the Keifer Sutherland character. I'd like him to have cinema fame once more, very funny guy.

Just thought I’d leave you guys with thoughts of happiness and a further plea to stop 3D films!
Headache after headache, it just aint right!

Love you crazy kids


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