If you haven’t seen the Ashes to Ashes Finale, or Lost finale, do not read on, as it contains in the words of River Song “Spoilers”

In the UK we have Ashes to Ashes the three series spin off from the excellent Life on Mars (UK two series original), which continued the plotline an developed the world further. Let me tell you there was no deep space travel to be done in the original!

This week saw the conclusion of the show, brought to a head by some very well acted performances, which would have been at home in any genre of show. (Kudus for all but with particular inference to Phillip Glennister showing the depth of emotion, inherent within his acting family)

Well what was the meaning of it all, well erm, they were all dead;

Suffice it to say the reading seems to be Gene Hunt is an angel, Jim Keats is the envoy of the devil (evidenced further by clues on the BBC website, showing he isn’t the devil himself - see if you can find them…), and all of the cops in Fenchurch CID are lost soles, deciding where to go. We even got some subtle temptation thrown in with two ladies on the stairs, egging the lost Ray downwards. You'll never see 9.06 as just another time.

I liked it on several levels, particularly the myth that belief has to be the triumph of faith over reason. Glennister’s Hunt, cannot tell everyone the truth of the shared situation, they have to understand it and move on. Keat’s character throws the truth in their faith using it as a tool for his ends. Very nicely done.

The ending took the decision to use acting and wordplay to finish and I felt this to be more rewarding than the finale of six seasoned……………

Where they were all….

Purgatory and the like? One reading certainly. I enjoyed the show, although the last 15 minutes for me (and am trying to stay unbiased) did not have the same clout as the Ashes to Ashes ending which had the same meaning done in a different way. Lost was full of individual performances that were great over the six seasons, but event TV can often be more about spectacle than substance.

Ashes was introverted, sublte and warmer in my opinion,

Please let me know thoughts, after all like purgatory itself, its all perspective and I welcome opinions from and on the masses!

love and peace

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