Wednesday thoughts, Spiderman, MacGruber trailer, and a lament

I was surprised pleasantly when it was announced the director of the new Spiderman movie has been found. The budget has been cut, (so maybe only a couple of big stars) and they are now looking for the cast. The gig has gone to the director called Marc Webb. (suitably named I think) He recently made the film 500 days of summer, which has lead to the rumours of the casting of Joseph Gordon-Levett as the Webslinger. More substantially famous websites have said this isn’t true so I will take their word for it, but I do think he is a good fit for the role. We might I am sad to say see an High School Star or a vampire get the gig, I daren’t say the names thus faint be tempted.

I still cant my head around the idea that they are rebooting it. The last film was worse than the preceding two, but still……I hope it doesn’t play as a prequel, that would upset me more than the Vulture not being played by John Malkovitch. I’ll be happy to eat humble pie if said franchise is rebooted and the film turns out to be excellent.

MacGruber is new to me, the character was created in a Saturday Night Live sketch, and has been turned into a film starring Will Forte. All I know is if something spoofs MacGyver (we got that in the UK) then its worth a look. Val Kilmer plays the villain and seems to be having good fun in the trailer re-direction below. (Lots of rudeness, we know you love it)

Love and Peace


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