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Sony have decided to reboot Spiderman as a decision coinciding with Sam Raimi’s departure over script/description/direction of the planned Spiderman 4. I always thought you were meant to wait a while to reboot, is less than five years a record?

They announced they will take the franchise in a different direction with hints of Peter Parker returning to high school. Although we can see reboots work (examples being Batman Begins, Casino Royale, and Star Trek) I am not too sure about this one. The Spiderman trilogy had tent pole release dates within the last ten years, with huge budgets and well received box office. Surely a recast of the character and a continuation of the current continuity would be better. I can think of several actors that would fit the bill, and several directors who could do the job. It’s a shame as the vulture is a classic comic book villain and was set to be played by John Malkovitch.

What do you mean i gotta play retro?

When I heard the news that Robert Downey Jnr (just imagine his dad shouting junior in the style of Sean Connery ala IJ and the LC) left the interesting project “Cowboys vs. Aliens” I was wondering who could replace the star in this retro sci-fi comic adaptation. The director John Favreau has picked another of with his efforts to secure Daniel Craig in the lead role. Several outlets have said that with MGM selling and Bond delayed by said sale, Craig can hopefully be persuaded to go all “yee haw” . The films pitches cowboys with Native Americans, teaming to take on an alien invasion in the wild wild west. If the rumour is true, we could see the actor being picked due to his delivery, giving some gravitas to a cookie yet watchable plot.

Very basic artist's impression
Almost slipping under the radar in the mainstreams, is the remake of the Beatles, “Yellow Submarine”. It has now found its fantastic four (it’s animated so they are voice talents). Cary Elwes of Princess Bride fame is there and why I write is I’m glad to see an amazing British Comedian is on board, famed for his impressions and satire. I’m talking about Peter Serafinowicz whose BBC shows have found a following particularly on clips plastered over Youtube. (full of swearing so be warned)

Here are two such clips below, demonstrating it doesnt really matter which beatle he plays

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