Jean Simmons passes, a hollywood legend

At the age of 80 years the loved British actress Jean Simmons has passed away, as she lost her battle against cancer. Regaled in England through the 60’s and 70’s as a true success story, many remember her performances to this day, both through big screen blockbusters, and her later TV career.

She was born in the UK, but her home had become America, moving to Hollywood for her career in the 1950’s. In her later years she lived in Santa Monica. She was famous playing against leading men of the era, seen eating up the screen against Olivier in his famed Hamlet, as well as fitting into Guys and Dolls with Marlon Brando. I remember her looking lovely in “The Robe” with Richard Burton as well as “Spartacus” with Kirk Douglas. She had some say the unique ability (somewhat Meryll Streeplike) to be a chameleon when the movie called for it.

Her first husband was famed actor Stewart Granger and she was later married again to writer Richard Brooks.

Below is a clip from the classic Guys and Dolls, and sometimes I wish films could be as fun as this today. (How time makes me sound like my grandma.)


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