A December Thought, and Avatar christmas, and some new year thoughts

Its been a little bit of a while since I posted, as I have been laid up with a cross between a bad bug and man flu! Couldn’t work out which so back in the throw of things now. Preparing for xmas and buying presents for all the close ones. I was ill and have dropped ¾ of a stone so out of everything bad find the silver lining I guess. New Year diet started earlier than usual?

Great excitement about going to the SFX weekender in February, should get some interviews done for the website and the like, but for now am interested to keep up with the latest news of note.

All you film fans would have been following the news I’m sure, as Avatar approaches will it be the biggest miss or hit of the year. Studios ,must be unsure putting a £200 million plus flick on around xmas time? Well Cameron the Titanic director has already been in the press discussing sequels, so he has high hopes, perhaps more than I, although I have a feeling this one will be a mega smash on Blue Ray in six months or so.

On a side note ! Everywhere I look I see vampire films, books, and TV shows, got to hate it, would have loved it many years ago, when I was a Laurel K Hamilton fan I guess.

So just a quick one, to say hi and happy xmas,

Things to avoid for me as a matter or importance....

Natalie Portman in Pride Prejudice and Zombies
Sex and the City 2
X Factor
Jedward in The Hobbit

Looking forward to.....

Dr Who (Davis Tennent’s farewell)
Opening Xmas Presents
Jack Ryan Reboot (reboot 2?) with Chris Pine

Love and Peace

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  1. muy buen blog!! me encantan las peliculas.




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