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Another massive film show hits in town for the trades this time where all the studios are pawning their wears, and trying to get deals for films both big and small. AFM allows investors to wax lyrical and find some returns. All sorts on display with films not even in production. Next year go, for this year you could have invested in the new Rambo, a random Bruce Willis flick (more than likely), and a film by the Mandylor brothers. (Like a couple of Greek Chuck Norris's!) Loads of deals struck and one day I'd love to go to these, just wait for the lottery to kick in so I can be a film producer! My film would have to have a samurai or a ninja, would have to!

Very pleased to see the trailers appear that I have been waiting for. Watched with interest the story of SALT. The film that has whizzed through stars and directors, and was to be a vehicle for Tom Cruise originally. Not sure why he left production, but to be honest the film seems to be tad too mission impossible, which is great for us, but poor one thinks for the cruiser who seems to want to broaden his horizons. Judge the trailer for yourself right here!

Avatar is the next film from James Cameron (mentioned it before) and as I love his work I was glad to see the second trailer does the film a bit more justice. Certainly captures the mood of the film and the acting, and the visuals although impressive in 2d should blaze the way (without headaches?) for the 3D version that is going to be on every screen in the summer. Sam Wothington palys the main protagonist, and this film should make his name further cemented, when his “Clash of The Titans” remake hits. For now here is trailer for “Avatar” and the second trailer you'll have to find yourself due to various copyright issues ! Check you tube always good!

Now Nicholas Cage is a superb actor who can hit the highs like no other, but for every LasVegas film there is a National Treasure, good films but not requiring a player of such talents. The remake or re-imagination as they say these days of Bad Lieutenant had had several clips thrown into the net. The ideas is allegedly to make a series of films, each featuring a different lieutenant from around the great USA. Rumour or fact, I cant quite tell, but the first one has a go at it, look below and comment to your hearts content.

Above is just a few of the recent trailers, and the ones that I thought would entertain. The screen play is coming on strong and is currently on its eighth draft, sections to appear soon? Who knows, love you crazy kids,

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