Three Book Reviews, (Roger Moore, Bruce Campbell, and the Hollywood Hellraisers

In the busy world we live in we forget the old fashioned ways, going to the shops to browse (although in this recession it returns with aplomb), all meeting in the town to chat, rather than texting and emailing. (I can remember the days before the mobile phone you know), and in my case I forgot my love of reading; too caught up in internet chat, and bubble gum news, and all the things that make the internet spin on it's ever increasing axis.

So what do I do? Well i'll tell ya!
I take some weeks of without thought to the consequence and forget the online world, relax and chat to friends in real life! Spend some time with the important people. (thats the story it was my internet went down to a water pipe explosion)t

Many moons again have passed since I wrote a review of the biography of the eastern Americas favourite “John Leguizamo” and it gave me a great look at what I thought (and still hope) is a genuine non ghost written book.

In a fit of increasing curiosity, Waterstones the UK book seller were offering a three for two on Movie books. So I went bought three biographies and read them in a week, this is a fantastic blog as you know so here are the thoughts and a review of the aforementioned purchases.

Hellraisers – The life and Inebriated Times of Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Peter O Toole and Oliver Reed. By Robert Sellers

I have to say that I'm a massive fan of all the actors mentioned in this book. Perhaps Oliver Reed less so due to his always luminescent but inconsistent cinematic choices, and Peter O'Toole more so for his awe-inspiring turn with a young Timothy Dalton in “The lion in Winter”.

The book is a colourful history of the four biggest alcoholics in British cinematic history. In our modern times perhaps it is obtuse to use the drunken stories related within this book as point of spectacle and amusement. I get the sense the writer is not criticising but celebrating the lives these stars managed to live. The real intelligence in this writing, is that disguised within the pages of the book which on initial gaze looks to be a collection of amazing things drunk people do (and they really are off the chart) it manages to give a snap shot of cinematic life as well as reveal titbits about the four central characters supporting cast, which is a whose who of Hollywood names from the last 50 years.

Always caring for the actors he recounts, and not hiding the consequences both short and long term of the actors binges, I dubiously read this, but was pleased that I found at least 20 moments of laugh out loudity, as well as the desire to flick to the other books this guy has published. So I recommend this to anyone who likes a good read, and a definite Christmas purchase for a Movie fan.

My word is my Bond - Roger Moore an autobiography

Well the man was Bond, what can you say, well as you'll find out if you read this, and he was a hell of a lot more than that. A humble beginning in North London, and stories of a pet monkey. Thats the trend of this well written book by Royal mail poster boy Sir Roger.
It highlight from birth to his latest marriage and happiness at family and work, and goes to explain that ihe still considers himself lucky in the way he has worked and met so many people in his life.

The writing is easily accessible and flows nicely, so hats of the the octogenarian author. Roger tells it as it should be, and at the start he even says he will not say anything bad about people, so when he is scathing it is a case of less is more. Certainly old school , and thoroughly fun to read. It nice to say that Sir Roger gets a mention in the Hellraisers book, and the late great Richard Burton gets a mention in this, if you are reading this Sir Roger, you must reveal more about the incident mentioned!

Remarkably revealing in its friendly writing style it should put the other “celebrity books” to shame and be a must read for a movie fan.

Aren't we doing well two great reads, will the third be the same?

If Chins Could Kill! Confessions of a B Movie Actor
by Bruce Cambell

Remember him?
Of course you do ! Your a film nerd, and if you are worth your salts you will be able to recite the script from any of the Evil Dead movies. Bruce Cambell is the self called B Movie actor (we always thought A List) has decided to put his pen to paper (although published a few years ago) and reveal his story. Nice because its not so much a name dropping exercise when you realise that he was friends with the uba director Sam Raimi from an early age.

Nicely told with a unique style I soundly enjoyed the read. Like Sir Roger earlier Bruce seems to realise is just a guy living a lucky life, and having some fun doing it.

I was pleased to see Bruce had added a redux “letter to his UK fans” upon the publication of the book, as a thank you for all the work the nerds this side of the Atlantic had done for his career.

The book is a very useful for anyone who wants to work in the industry at ground level upwards, and a reminder to anyone in the world that Billy Zane is the best screen test actor there is.
Bruce will get that.

Thanks and enjoy the clips below chums

love and peace

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