cup of tears trailer, sharpe's peril all good

The posts on blogs come like buses, none for a while then two in a short space of time. I may have said that before but we cant deny the reality of it!

Firstly had to show you crazy kids the wonderful trailer that is “Cup of Tears”, really it looks as if it was a heavy blue screen trailer that shows us how a martial arts film should be done. The nice twist at the end of the trailer gives a clue that the film will either be amazing or completely banzai. Regardless I shall grab the DVD as it will probably never reach British cinemas! (and would be too loud for deaf old me regardless! )

Secondly recommend the Sharp box set again, cant stress how great Sean Bean's early Brit TV venturing was, even thought the budget looked minimal. The acting and clever directing gave the work some cinematic feel to it, in the days just before ITV in the UK stopped making good programs.

Love and peace


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