Tuesday News, Sly Stallone, Gina Carano, and "Van Damme vs Seagal"

I haven’t done a simple news post in a while, as there are so many good news sources on the internet. All the smaller web writers and site managers get emailed from PR companies at around the same time. The website to break the news is generally the one with the quickest typist or run by the person who sleeps the smallest amount of time!

Regardless, we have to stay in touch and let all the avid readers (thank you) know some news on the movie world, and as always please keep in contact, it’s always appreciated.

Sly Stallone tells the biggest internet movie site his new instalment of the Rambo now will be known as "Rambo: A Savage Hunt". The plot will turn the first (and best) film on its head, with Rambo being sourced by the government to hunt a killer gone bad. The government’s experiment in soldier making goes wrong and Rambo must sort it. Its not original but I was quietly surprised by the way the latest Rambo went, (although blood thirty, it held the audience and was suitable tongue in cheek.) so I’m happy to give the new one a go.
Ouch my shoulder pulled....

Steven Soderbergh has made a surprise but understandable casting move in what he describes as a female Bourne type film (Anyone see Long Kiss Goodnight?) UFC female Gina Carano has been selected for her punching ability as well as her good looks and will play the title role in a film being written by Lem Dobbs, for the moment titled “Knockout”

If we doubt her credentials here is Gina in action, winning to make one of her 7-1 fight record.

Now we have to end the post with a wonderful thing that channel five in the uk have brought uis. Currently (or just finished? Not sure) we are undergoing a selection of films from both Van Damme and Steven Seagal. They thought they would promote their flicks with several excellently edited fake confrontations between the two! Most impressed, lets hope we can persuade a casting director to look at these.

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