Thursday Thoughts,New Trailers, "Leap" and "Legion"

Well hi there one and all, firstly thank you thank you, and once more thank you, for making the site a little but more popular last month with more join ups and hits. Got to love you guys, as its hard to keep it fresh sometimes. I hope that we stay in touch, an the feedback is always appreciated. From the Japanese lovers of haiku, to the Texan admirers of Liam Neeson, you know who you are.

I love films that flip through opposite sides of the coin, we have two films soon, that both feature themes of fantasy/science fiction, but sit at alternate ends of the budget scale. I would add that both look absolutely fantastic , and I cant wait to see them.

The first is a small home made affair that will run for just six minutes, but could push the man behind the lens (Dan Gaud) onto great things if his vision is anything to go by. He used the same technology that bigger productions use, with red screen style filming allowing easy CGI insertions. You can see for yourself below with the trailer for “Leap” which sets the scene for alternate reality jumping.
Clever tones and intelligent ideas are hinted and suggested in the trailer below.

The second is a big budget adaptation of a film that (as a spot on Youtube reviewer said) looks like a cross between Terminator and The Prophecy. The angels are waving a war on humanity and it is up to fallen angel Michael to save the day. I like Paul Bettany’s work, so I am glad he is being pushed to leading man status. He hinted at his chops in The Da Vinci Code, so we will see what he can do, when the focus is on him. Cant help to have Dennis Quaid on board as well, who always ads kudos to his work.

I like the idea as it resonates with the typical Judeo Christian believe that Michael is the embodiment of God's Love of Humanity, so for that reason alone it sticks to the mythos. Oh, and its got lots of guns.

I must warn you the trailer is a tad graphic, and reveals some plot points, however one could say in these kind of films it is the journey not the result that is important. So watch “Legion” and see what you think.

Will be in touch soon, with some more interviews thoughts, and interesting notes!


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