Ross Denzel Washington, Tarentino, and Doctor Who trailer xmas!

Whilst the world focuses on a San Diego sci fi convention, and the info given away therein I have decided to step to the back and state that Jonathon Ross this weekend had some wonderful interviews on his show. Quentin Tarentino gave a must see for anyone looking to watch his new flick “Inglorious Basterds” as well Denzel Washington doing a fantastic pitch to the British team from Dragons Den. I love the show and Ross’s film nerd status does wonders to get the best from his guests.

Here are a couple of clips to give you an idea, but I recommend Iplayer for the best version in HD.

My screenplay still trundles on with what can only be decirbed as slowness, but appropriate and entertaining dialogue!

Did I mention San Diego?

Well, im afraid I have to show you this, mobile phone shot trailer for Christmas 2009 doctor who, check out Timothy Dalton’s voice over and the re-appearing characters. Love it.


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