Thor, more remakes, Total REcall, Brian Blessed and High Deff Haiku

The great news desk in the ether has left my mouth dry this week with the thought that not too much is happening in the world of film other than dry re-imaginings (see last post). Also we have the further sadness that the long gestating Total Recall remake is going into production sooner rather than later. I checked out the classic film recently and it holds up well, with a young Sharon Stone, and the always excellent and creepy Michael Ironside. The TV series (do you remember) was poor, and lets hope the new version by Kurt Wimmer will hold up.

What to dwell upon today one asks?
An excellent Haiku that sums up Blue Ray DVD’s

Great picture and sound
Not enough escape from plot
The film is still poor

Remember please when buying a nice looking box set!

Sam Worthington of Terminator 4, has had his photo released in the garb of hero for the new (REMAKE!) of Clash of the titans, certainly more like a roman marauder than a Saturday morning movie hero, but carries it well..

And some news that British hero Bryan Blessed has been cast as Thor’s father in the big screen adventure from the school of Marvel directed by Kenny Brannagh! What else can one want in a superhero’s father! (is it Odin?) Blessed is a stalwart of Brannagh’s movies and looks set to kick the proverbial ass out of the part, and although the internet is full of them here is af unny Brian Blessed clip!

Love and peace


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