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The morning thought.

The sound of 80’s soundtracks always inspire me to write, reminiscing about old films, or just chatting with friends about my youth. I always wonder if I was lucky enough to be born into a golden era of film. Well nostalgia I am told is something that we all go through when we long for the times of yesterday, and are apparently (a scientist has said) denying ourselves adulthood and emotional maturity!

I don’t believe it!

Well actually I do, and I can empathise, I have an irrational love of suck bad films such as “Foxtrap” (Google it) and “The Breakfast Club”, that I forget that modern directors are in a place where they can make some fantastic stories, and finally use special effects properly. Well they often don’t of course, but at least they have the opportunity.

I love films with a passion, and I hope that in twenty years time that people can look back listen to a random song such as Black and gold, remember their youth, and say “oh god do you remember that High School Musical?” can’t believe their remaking it with ________, Zak Efron’s got a cameo as an out of sorts parent.”

Weird, but it might just happen,


The News,

MH has a report that Steven Seagal, was offered the chance to elevate himself from “fat man playing Patti cake” martial arts films, to big screen success once more, but unfortunately turned down a role in Sly’s new film “The Expendables” . The reason as usual is a personality clash, with the films producer. Bad blood aside, how cool would it have been to see the aikido legend in action with a cast list htta reads like a who is who of action gods. (I do not exaggerate here). Here is asuitably shocked Segal in recent photo!

Fresh of his turn from the vicious and brilliant “Taken” (review here) is Liam Neeson, who carries action genre weight on his shoulders from the legendary George Peppard. He will play the character of Hannibal in the big screen version of the tv-series “The A-Team”. Now he would be an interesting choice and not necessarily a popular one, as Neeson isn’t as well Ateamy as say Mel Gibson, or George Clooney would have been. He is the right age, and is in good enough shape to carry the responsibilities of an action role such as this, so I will await to see the results. The final decision is pending pay agreement from all those in the hot seats.

Love you crazy kids


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