Exc' Interview - Comedian and Impressionist MoledMC

Peter Walsh a.k.a “MoledMC” is a unique individual amongst the hundreds of entertainers that use Youtube and Myspace to promote themselves. We came across the quirky gent a while back, and severely enjoyed his unique blend of impressions and comedy.

His work is consciously inspired by actors and films, and his performances come across as unique and entertaining. Not many people can hit Michael Caine, Christopher Eccleston and Tom Cruise note perfect, and throw in some Terry Wogan and Christian Bale to mix it up.

The 28 year old has garnered some great reviews from Bloggers and web surfers, and we love to do our bit to help bring this guy to the popularity he continually deserves.

It was with great interest we kept our eye on the man, and soon we got the courage together to approach him for a chat. We were lucky enough to be granted a quick interview, where he agreed to answer a couple of questions, and take time out if his hectic schedule to give us a hello.

We’ll start with the obvious question and ask when did you first start doing impressions?
Its got to be when I was about 4 or 5 imitating the cats meowing outside and freaking my family out, and picking up accents very quickly off my relatives all over England. Then when I was 8 or 9 I saw Tim Burton's Batman, and Jack Nicholson's Joker bewitched me. That grin, that laugh, those eyebrows. I just used to walk around with that fixed face. 20 years later, all these kids are crazy over Heath Ledger's Joker. It's something I can totally understand.

Lots of people have said your Christian Bale is amazing, are there anymore you are developing?
I'm a big Christian Bale fan, his comedy skills are superb, I always piss myself laughing watching American Psycho as I share some of Patrick Bateman's music tastes and find myself after a few drinks discussing the merits of Whitney Houston or Robert Palmer (who I genuinely like) to just wind people up at parties when I'm done with performing for the night... anyway, I will definitely be doing some more Christian Bale videos. What would Patrick Bateman listen to in 2009? Lady GaGa. You can see him executing someone with fucking 'Poker Face' playing in his chunky headphones. Sorry I'm ranting now....

How does the real you differ from the performance you?
I'm very shy to be honest and get very nervous before going on stage, and every gig I do its like jumping in front of a firing squad. But when your up there and people are laughing the nerves vanish and there's nothing like it and it does wonders for your confidence. I've met some cocky stand-ups, and they don't give off that nervous energy that is, well, funny. Its always the terrified kid at the open mike night you want to watch.
Producing “You Tube” videos is very nice, you write some lines, relax and get your ego stroked with the lovely comments people leave, but you don't push yourself. So you must get up there.

What is the most exciting thing about gigging?
Feeling invincible while onstage and then satisfied afterwards. And the laughs you get for some sketches you think were half-baked. Never put yourself down- its simply not fuc$ing worth it. Most importantly those girls laughing, and afterwards thinking to myself; "I might be in here, I just hope she wasn't offended by my Stephen Hawking impression".

When can we see you gig again?
Um... I've been doing every gig thats been thrown at me for the past couple of months and now I'm flat broke. Travelling to London or wherever several times a week is expensive and I'm not established yet. So I'm currently working with my chief collaborator Matt Redman on a few new characters and a 10 minute Scarface parody. Its inspired by my sketch where Tony Montana has given up the drug lord role and is now fixing laptops.... I guess you'll have to wait and see. The premiere will be at IAMJOY Arts Festival in Chichester which is going from strength to strength. Winters better for stand-up anyway.

We were pleased to see that the mighty Pete has a DVD for sale of some of his best work to date, and most importantly (and in the spirit of the DVD genre) contains some previously unpublished footage. You can contact him directly via email , and through his popular Youtube channel. We suggest you grab this collectors item whilst its still available for the sprightly price of £4.99.

In the meantime here is a taster! Check out Micky Caine and the beautiful DVD trailer!


  1. Anonymous12:07

    I've seen Pete live and he is brilliant - check out his youtube vids :-)


  2. Anonymous10:48

    I love pete , he makes me moist x
    angry gary

  3. Anonymous11:52

    I love pete , he makes me moist x
    angry gary




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