Sherlock Holmes is dirty?

Its about time, its about time, I hear you cry, well at least thanks for the emails I received!
Regardless the birth of my baby daughter has been a big event so as you can imagine I have sleeping and nappy changing in no particular order. All good to use the old phrase!

I thought I would drop by with two new trailers. The first is of a rather interesting flick doing the rounds and heavily promoted at the next few film festivals near you. The flick is Inglorious Bastards which is Tarentino’s take on a the vibe of the dirty dozen. Love Tarentino as you know so am looking forward to this one, which sets to be an interesting turn on the war film from the pen of the mighty Quentin. Certainly I hope a return to form for the once video store worker. Brad Pitt stars with a collection of lesser knowns in a well received script. Let me know what you think of the film (with a polish twist - - y o y?)

Second on the cards is the brand spanking new trailer for the updated take on the Sherlock Holmes myth. Now don’t get me wrong I love Downey Jnr as well as the Holmes character. We can see here that the myth’s has been heavily changed, and Guy Richie, has been allowed to play on the style of the genre and source material.. As a film I love the trailer’s hint at silly blockbuster, but the late and (ultimate Holmes) Jeremy Brett will have nothing to fear from fans of the original novels. Good film will smash I believe, but not because of it being a holmes film, does look fun though (basically iron man alcoholic meets Victorian steam punk?)

Let me know what you think,

Love you crazy kids!

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