Green Lantern is Nathan Fillion!, A-Team, Die Hard Prequel in works, Timothy Dalton is the master?

Interesting times, ahead in the world of film, with discussions in advance to guess the cast of both “The A Team” and “Green Lantern” films. Mentioned the latter at other posts on the blog, but its nice to see some fans having great fun with homemade trailer depicting Nathan Fillion (underrated under used, and Canadian!) in the titular role, and looking good at least from these editing skills.

You probably have caught the Youtube clip elsewhere but its here for your pleasure if you missed it.

The A-Team is raising questions like who can play Hannibal etc, I’ve heard Susan Boyle may be making a shot at it, but who knows - she does love it when a plan come together. Sorry about the final by the way, but that dance troop were amazing. Who would you cast, on serious note I think that the guy who plays Sawyer from lost, (random) I’m not sure yet though. The project is boiling away, and I hope they handle a child hood favourite with the care it deserves. (doubt no one dies trade mark of the series. wil carry through to the film)

Both Die HARD AND Alien are getting prequel treatment, DH (those in the know well they know) have mentioned that the oft desired TV series was to be called McClean and be set in the days just before the original Die Hard , however it seems that the comic in its popularity is the medium which grabs the prize. Set in 1976 the Die Hard Prequel will feature the characters early days set in a political hotbed in LA. More disappointedly Alien is set to get a movie prequel, as yet nothing else is sacred, but why o why, let it rest, and generate a new character set.

Here at home the BBC casts a relatively unknown actress as Doc Who’s new assistant. The red haired Karen Gillan, will star opposite new Doc, “Matt Smith” when Tennent’s tenure terminates. She had a part in the well written “Fires of Pompeii” as a soothsayer, but this is a trend many forget the BBC like, as Martha jones character played by Freema Agyeman, was the cousin of a character also played by her who appeared in a previous series. (same with the lady from Torchwood). The real Who news, is it looks as if Timothy Dalton, will be playing “The Master” or another Time Lord, in the coming episodes. What a classic piece of casting. Dalton is such a great actor, and hasn’t been working in the UK for what seems an age.

As always thanks for the continued support, love you crazy kids, and stay in touch,

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