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Just some news for the mo, more info as it arrives, on various casting titbits…..

For now

Aaron Eckhart, the two face portrayer in Dark Knight, has hit the trades today with his of the cuff remark regarding the casting for the next instalment of Batman. Turning his back on his previous statement that “he will definitely not be in the next sequel”, he noted that he might well turn up (Golden Globes red carpet chat!). This further aided the rumour that a different actor may have a go at portraying the clown prince of crime, (albeit less screen time) and step into the late Heath Ledger’s shoes to play the Joker.

Who could play the Joker? that’s the question, I cant see it working….Personally, I think the characters are done with, both having a beautifully realised ending in The Dark Knight, and the third film would be better suited to a different villain, finding an actor to recreate the joker may be a hard task even for the seasoned pro. (specially as Ledger posthumously won the Best Supporting Actor role last night at the Golden Globes.)

I have joy today my happily letting all of you know that Kate Winslett the lovely lady of British cinema abroad, has bagged the double whammy of both Best Actress in a drama category, for her “Revolutionary Road” performance, and best supporting actress for her role in “The Reader”. Well played Kate, and also congrats to Mickey Rourke for his win for the excellent Wrestler. Colin Farrell also won the comedy musical category, for his role in “In Bruges”.

Thats all for now crazy kids, and as always stay in touch,
Leaving you with the trailer for the good looking Franklyn, Ryan Phillpe, Eva Green, all good really,

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