new film year.....(some cool trailer action - fan fav)

Well the new year rolls on and two posts in just as many days. All of you guys that carry on searching the net through the holidays will have probably seen these two, but if you haven’t there certainly worth a click.

The first is the Hollywood remake of an understated but fantastic BBC mini-series called state of play, featuring two actors who are not as well known in the states, (both of whom have a Doc Who connection though), John Simm, and David Morrisey, whose roles are replayed here by Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck. All good it seems from the trailer, and it’s got Helen Mirren playing the role originally cast for Bill Nighy, but we’ll wait and see. I stand hopeful, and hopefully new wide screen you tube looks ok here?

Also I have to take my hat of to the production of probably the best fan trailer ever. The virtual “Thundercats” trailer is just pitch perfect. and it makes you wish for the real casting to be just as ingenious. (Hats of for the edited footage from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. All good.

See what you think,

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