A few days, (or is it weeks ago?) Eartha Kitt, one of the original portrayers of Catwoman passed away in her octogenarian years. Famous for being stylishly sexy and sultry she would for many in the 60’s (hand in hand with Julie Newmar) bring a nice fit for the lady of crime.

A second actor from the Batman canon has passed away this weekend. Pat Hingle, whose portrayal as Commissioner Gordon through four films, was markedly different from Oldman’s more realistic stance, but enjoyable nevertheless.Pat was a character actor that appeared with a cornucopia of the greats and had a huge career, from starting in "On the Waterfront" with Brando, to playing in “Talladega Nights: the legend of Ricky Bobby” just a couple of years ago. (Surely a mark off his range I would say)

I recommend IMDB’ing him and having a look

Donald Blake (do you know him Comic Book fans?) has been added as a part to play on the upcoming film adaptation of “Thor” directed by the one and only Kenneth Brannagh. “Why” you cry loudly by the hills of Asgard has this happened? Well up to this point according to various online gossip mongers the character will be there to find the hammer and become the embodiment of Thor on Earth (avengers anyone?)

However what everyone seems to be missing in their quest is the wider ramifications of this addition!

Does this mean in the Marvel Cannon we will have Thor being played by actor A for the purposes of the Thor movie (set in Asgard and looking massive!) and then at the end of the film have a different actor find the hammer and be playing the character in the follow on team up the Avengers!

Well hopefully that will cause a rumour itself !

Love you kids enjoy the link in the page, and stay in touch!



  1. Quite interesting !!! :)


  2. Nice blog,though i dn't have much knowledge about movies,as i dn't watch movies much.And thanks for the comment:)

  3. Quite interesting !!! :)





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